Over the years we have developed a wide variety of workshops and courses and a selection is listed below.  We believe that courses have to be both relevant and enjoyable so all courses are customised to to some extent and we don’t do “chalk and talk”.

An Introduction to Lean

A useful introduction for board members in companies that are just starting out on the Lean journey, this short workshop can then be rolled out to all levels of the organisation.  It answers the “why” question and includes practical demonstrations of lean principles.

Lean Office

Lean isn’t just for manufacturing companies – the basic principles can be applied across any organisation.  This workshop shows how Lean can be successfully implemented in any office environment.

Managing in a Lean Environment

Why do some Lean initiatives fail and some succeed?  In our experience failure to implement Lean successfully is nearly always due to a lack of buy in by the lower levels of the organisation.  Lean requires a change in management style by all levels of the organisation, but most critical to success is the change at supervisor and middle management level.  If this change doesn’t happen it is likely that Lean will fail.

This series of short workshops has been developed to help managers adjust to the new reality and understand the changes in behaviour required to operate successfully in their new environment.  The workshops are highly interactive and can be customised to suit the circumstances of individual companies and teams.  Each workshop last approximately 3 hours so they can be delivered comfortably in half a day each.

These workshops can also be really useful as top up and refresher sessions in organisations that are some way down the Lean journey.

Changing Organisational Culture

This is a workshop aimed at board level and senior managers.  It helps the team identify the current culture, define the desired culture and takes them through the steps required to deliver successful change.

Delivering Change

This workshop is aimed at middle level management and other key players in the change process.  It gives them a deep understanding of their role in the change process, enabling them to deal with issues and answer those difficult questions.