Small Businesses


Most small business owners have a vision for their business, the real issue is in delivering that vision.  Problems such as day to day business issues, time management, lack of appropriate skills all conspire to prevent them making any real progress towards their goals.  We’ve therefore developed an innovative and cost effective package that enables business owners to take control of their business and grow it into the business they really want.  We work with the business owner to produce a plan, support them through the critical stages of the project and help them develop the skills required to maintain the growth going forward.

What We Do

The first step is to sit down with the business owner and gain a thorough understanding of the current state of the business and, more importantly, why it is where it is.  Next we assess the gap between the current state and the owner’s vision and work with them to develop a plan to bridge the gap.  Finally, we work with the owner through the critical early stages of the plan to ensure that it is delivered and that any issues are dealt with.

We are familiar with the funding initiatives currently on offer and we will work with the business owner to ensure that they can access funding if they are elegible.

What You Get

A thorough understanding of the issues affecting the growth of your business

A bespoke plan for growing your business which addresses the above issues and includes quantifiable benefits

A fixed length programme – you know the exact cost and the duration

Hands on support in developing the people and processes in your business

A trusted advisor who is there to give support and advice when needed

Regular coaching sessions to keep you on track

Free telephone support – just pick up the phone if you need to talk through a problem

A money-back guarantee – if at the end of the first month you don’t feel that you’re getting value for money you fee will be refunded in full