DISCHave you ever wondered why some people drive you mad?

Are there some people who you always struggle to communicate with?

Is this affecting your career progression, your sales performance, the performance of your company?

Don’t worry, we have the answer!

DISC is the most widely used and respected behavioural profiling tool in use today.  It is an effective tool for understanding our own behavioural style and the behavioural styles of others. Once we learn to recognise other peoples’ behaviours we can modify our own behavioral style to improve communication.  Sean is certified by Inscape Partners to deliver their Everything DISC suite of products.  Inscape’s training products have been used worldwide in thousands of organisations of all sizes, including government agencies.  Every year more than a million people worldwide use Inscape methods to learn how to work more effectively with others.

Individual Profiles

Clients complete an online questionnaire which is used to produce a detailed behavioural profile. This is then presented to the client in a confidential face to face meeting.  As well as gaining a deeper insight into their own behavioural preferences clients are taught how to recognise the behavioural styles of others and how to adapt their own behaviuors
to improve communication.

A candidate DISC profile can significantly improve the depth and effectiveness of an interview.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you select the best people for your organisation.

Group Workshops

Workshops are an extremely cost effective way of introducing DISC into your organisation.  Our modular workshops cover six areas:

Improving Communication
Improving Teams
Increasing Sales
Conflict Management
Improving Management Effectiveness
Interpersonal Skills

Workshops are generally run over a single day.  However they are modular and they can be modified to suit your needs